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Mobster Effect is my site dedicated to the Mobsters App featuring FREE web based Tools & Scripts. Sync your Mobster Account with our site to use our free web based tools like the Property calculator, Beta Mission Bot, Racket Master, Top Mob Optimizer, Spam Blocker & more.

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Infamous: Rise of the Factions. A Free Online Web game written by Vague312. Infamous features various game actions including (but not limited to) News Feeds, Player walls, Several Achievements, P2P Combat, Bounty Hunting, Missions, LE Items, Rackets, Crew Adds, Crime Families, 5 Weapon classes, Professionals List, Property Buying, a few thousand players n counting!
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Luzerne County Paintball, Wyoming, PA. (LCP) is a 10,000sq ft. Indoor Paintball Facility featuring 2 fields, fast paced competitive games, HPA / CO2 / N2 Air fills, Marker Techs, Seasoned Referee staff, in a relaxed atmosphere. We are open Year round offering Tournaments, Leagues, Open Play, Charity, & Private events. Im one of the managers, Master Marker Tech, Web Designer, & Event Organizer at LCP.

As a Marker Tech i Specialize in Pre 2000 paintball markers (guns) including angels, WGP Autocockers, Pump Conversions, Vm 68s, Automags, Intimidators, Ions, Spyders, Etechs, Piranhas, Eblade Programming & Instillation, Xonic, System X NME markers, Ninja / CP / Crossfire / Air America Regulators, Marker Electronics, Base Metal fabrication, Restoration, & have an intimate knowledge of the many uses for swear words.

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Being a veteran paintball player (1992) im the privileged captain of Paintball Team AOD. We originally formed back in 2002 n glad to be back in action in action for the 2012-2013 Season with a new lineup, new Sponsors, & a new field.
AOD Paintball tearing up the northeast 1 field at a time.

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